The latest version of Impos is here


The Impos system has been upgraded to Version 5.37, which is filled with lots of great new features.

Unlimited Price Sets

Price Sets are helpful for applying special deals for members and daily or hourly specials. Unlimited Price Sets are great for larger venues wanting to set up pricing structures in advance or price rises, or dynamic pricing for functions or areas of the venue. Those running complex membership systems with a pricing structure determined by the membership level can also benefit from this new feature.

Deal Groups

Deal Groups are used in situations such as ‘coffee and cake’, ‘two pizzas and a garlic bread’, and ‘six bottles from this selection’. A new functionality is now available in Deal Groups that allows you to add products to a group. Deal Groups will require a particular number of items from each group to enable the deal.

Save and Add to Screen

You can now enter a new Item or Modifier, and then choose to ‘Save and add to Screen’, saving you lots of time.

Restaurant Reservation Integration

Impos integrates with restaurant reservations platform, ResDiary (Dimmi). There have been significant enhancements made to the stability of the ResDiary integration. Now, if the number of covers entered on a table exceeds the predetermined number of covers for that table (which was set up during the table configurati0on in ResDiary), all the information relating to items and spend from Impos will be pushed back into ResDiary.

Integration enhancements

Impos now supports order-ahead platforms by pushing information directly into the POS system. Orders from applications including HeyYou, Mobi2Go and SmartOrdering will appear in your Saved Order and print from your printer of choice. Plus, all of your reporting is in the one place, so you know exactly how your business is performing. Price changes on your menu can now be reflected in your order-ahead platform so that customers can access the specials immediately.

Enhancements to Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Significant speed improvements have been made to our BI platform. You can now report on instant views of data across multi-site venues and single-operated venues alike. Plus, dashboards and views are rendering 15 times faster due to server/database optimisation carried out by the Impos development team.

Check Deposits

Clients can now take payments in advance against tables, tabs and orders. This deposit functionality will allow you to process an advanced payment at any stage. The payment will remain against the open check until it is redeemed. Reporting for unredeemed deposits is available in the Cashier Reporting.

Check and Payment Surcharges

With card and electronic payments on the rise, surcharges are becoming an everyday part of hospitality. To ensure your operating expenses are covered, we’ve introduced variable Check Surcharges, and surcharges associated with specific payment types. Check Surcharges can either be applied to an individual check or system-wide for extended periods of time. A particular payment method can be added to a Payment Surcharge, with the relevant authority to remove the surcharge.

For more information on the latest release of Impos please click here.

Impos is dedicated to building a system that is feature-full and able to help our clients’ venues thrive. Please call us today on 1300 308 615 if you have any questions.

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