Impos’ Integration Partners

Call 1300 308 615 to start using Impos’ integrations and see your business thrive
Call 1300 308 615 to start using Impos’ integrations and see your business thrive

Impos has integrated with a number of third party applications to bring hospitality venues a variety of capabilities, assured to make managing a business easier. The below list is just a few of the application types we work with. Give us a call on 1300 308 615 if you’re interested in integrating your business with the Impos Point of Sale system.


OneSaas is an Impos accounting integration that sends venues’ sales transaction information to a variety of accounting systems. Sales, refunds, reverses discounts and voids are seamlessly synced. Automatically share data between popular accounting applications such as Xero, MBOB and QuickBooks with OneSaas.

More than one million Australian businesses, accountants and bookkeepers choose MYOB’s accounting software. MYOB allows you to better manage finances, boost profitability and make better business decisions with a real time view of the finances.

Perfect for small businesses, Xero is an online accounting software used to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and more. Xero allows you to easily deal with the pile of expense claims in the room, plus automation makes the bank reconciliation a piece of cake.

QuickBooks Online makes it easy to access and manage your finances in real time. Get a real time view of your business and keep track of the money coming in and out of your business all in one easy-to-use place. Always know where you stand and plan where your business is heading.

Order ahead

Hey You is Australia’s leading order ahead and payment app that allows your venue to save valuable time. Hey You allows customers to beat the queues, save their favourite orders, modify orders and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless.

The Impos and Menulog integration gives your venue the opportunity to increase sales. Menulog is the number one application for online takeaway in Australia. There are more than 500,000 people using Menulog each month to search for restaurants and order food. Using Menulog makes marketing your venue to this large audience possible.

Restaurant and café online ordering is made easy with Mobi2Go. Reduce in store wait times, increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty by providing online conveniences for your customers with Mobi2Go. Saying goodbye to phone orders and manual entry means a reduction in errors with orders going straight to your point of sale system in real time.

Order ahead application Smart Ordering helps your venue boost its sales. Smart Ordering is an innovative smartphone ordering platform, which enables businesses to accept smartphone orders in an easy and powerful way. Smart Ordering advertises your business, improves your reach, easily manages your orders workflow and makes your customers’ ordering experiences memorable.


Impos and MyGuestlist work together to help reduce your workload while satisfying your customers. Target your customers based on how much they’ve spent, what items they’ve purchased, when and how often.

Impos has integrated with eCoffeeCard for your convenience and to keep your loyal customers happy. eCoffeeCard is an application that allows your customers to keep their coffee loyalty cards all in one secure and convenient location on their smartphone. Using eCoffeeCard lets patrons pay for anything in your café and be rewarded at the same time with bonus credit each time they spend.

Impos Membership and Loyalty is designed for the hospitality industry. It makes increasing per customer spend and getting more customers returning to your venue easier by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back.


ResDiary is Australia’s favourite restaurant manager. ResDiary allows customers to find your restaurant or cafe online and make a reservation, which is sent directly to your venue’s point of sale system. Using ResDiary allows you to spend more time with your customers, instead of being tied up on the phone and responding to emails. The marketing power behind ResDiary means that customers can be reached even while your venue is closed.


Yellowfin is the most powerful Business Intelligence tool in the POS world. Yellowfin allows you to slice and dice your data the way you want and monitor your performance at a glance. View and strip your data to make your business make more sense. Yellowfin help you to better understand your business allowing you to make informed decisions that will see your venue thrive.

Stock Management and Ordering

Operational management provider, Cooking The Books, helps you run your business proficiently. Cooking The Books helps hospitality business owners and managers track stock levels, manage food pricing and enable electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently. Impos monitors your venue’s sales and Cooking The Books tracks stock levels from the kitchen. This enables you to better understand your venue’s cost of goods verses actual costs, and provides a more accurate record of the running cost of goods.

Rostering and time management

Cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform, Deputy, allows hospitality managers to save time. Impos customers have access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools. Optimise staffing, manage wage costs more efficiently and develop long-term planning strategies around roster management.

BoxSuite is a beautiful, intuitive online solution for rostering, attendance, payroll and cost analysis that’s available anywhere, at anytime. Impos customers get access to Box Suite’s features such as a free mobile site, real time data, digital punch clock, payroll integration, automated shift fill and swaps, award interpretation, rosters based on historical forecasts and roster and budget creations.


PC EFTPOS is the leading supplier of integrated EFTPOS payment solutions in Australia. Together Impos and PC EFTPOS bring a range of venues integrated point of sale and payment solutions. PC EFTPOS allows for sales information to be passed from your point of sale software directly to various bank merchant EFTPOS terminals.

PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay online without sharing financial details, send and receive money or accept credit and debit cards as a seller. PayPal’s merchant services make it easier for you to get paid. Online, on mobile, in person or by email, anywhere you do business. Manage all your payments and access additional with a single PayPal business account.

Impos and EFTPOS banking provider Tyro provide the hospitality industry an end-to-end POS and payments solution. With Tyro you can now serve more customers, increase productivity and accelerate your business’ growth. Integrate accounting, banking, payment and point of sale to get easier access to working capital, allowing you to accelerate your business’ growth.

For a full list of Impos’ integrations partners click here.

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