Impos in 2016

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We’ve been in the market for 10 years. What we were, and what we represented 10 years ago has substantially changed.

Over the years Impos has grown and become a full service, hospitality specific point of sale provider. Despite our success, standing still is not in Impos’ DNA. 2016 is shaping up to be a year of change for Impos. We have a brand new website, product and a fresh look.

Impos Go is our new cloud-based product. Beautifully intelligent and designed to grow with your business, Impos Go is lightning fast and intuitive. Right now, it’s perfect for small venues including food trucks, pop-up stores, hole in the wall cafes, back-lane burger joints and small bars. Whereas larger venues like our hatted restaurant clients will still opt for our proven flagship product, Impos Plus.

To compliment the launch of our new product is the release of our brand refresh. Our team has worked hard to bring not only a fresh look, but real meaning to our brand. The circle in our new logo represents our immersion in hospitality, and the fact that we are an integral part of that industry. The hole in the middle of the circle signifies the transparency that we strive for. The purple font in the logo represents prestige. We are proud that we have more top-end bars, restaurants and cafes as clients than any other POS provider. And lastly, the pink represents friendship, loyalty and the closeness between Impos and our clients. At the end of the day, our goal is the success of our clients. If they run successful businesses then we have done our job.

Our new look also represents our long-standing commitment to the hospitality industry.

Culturally, we are part of the industry; we live and breathe hospitality. We support social enterprises, charities, NGOs and hospitality training facilities. We offer our product free of charge to any one in the industry genuinely trying to help those in need or help the industry thrive.

Whilst our branding may have changed, our level of service and support hasn’t. Just like hospitality, our customer support runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Furthermore, soon we will have our support wait time live on our website for all to see in an attempt to provide complete transparency to our customers.

The Impos brand is prestigious in the hospitality industry. We represent the big names for a reason. 23 of Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants choose Impos for their point of sale needs.

2015 was a busy year for us. We partnered with even more key hospitality service providers including Dimmi, Deputy, Cooking The Books and Tyro. We’ve added more than 15 new staff and moved into awesome new digs. With the new brand, new product and a great team in place, 2016 is set to be a real breakout year for Impos.

2 thoughts on “Impos in 2016

  1. Hi Sean, wonder if you remember me as being one of your earlier customers. Maria from Romano’s Pizza Bistro in Ivanhoe Vic. I had to sell the restaurant
    due to an injury but i miss the buzz & meeting intelligent young people as yourself. I admired you from the minute you walked in my restaurant, i love helping young people & being around young people, makes one feel young.

    You were very young, very well dressed, clean cut & very intelligent.
    We all loved the POS product & didnt know how we managed without it. No more illegible bits of papers for Kitchen Chefs or Pizza Chefs.

    My heartfelt Congratulations Sean, to you & your parents for helping you get started… Dont forget them. We’ve helped our children as well. You deserve the hard worked success you’ve achieved. Delegate and dont burn yourself out..,, balance life & family otherwise you will crumble. Speaking from experience.

    My Best Wishes for a long, happy, prosperous & healthy life.

    Kind regards

    Maria Line


    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you very much for the message. I do remember working with you at the Pizza Bistro, and I remember it being an absolute pleasure.
      I hope that everything is well with you and thanks again for the kind words.

      Kind regards,


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