Impos has now partnered with Cooking the Books

Our newest partnership to announce is with web-based operational management provider, Cooking the Books.

The new partnership will enable us and Cooking the Books to better help hospitality business owners and managers track stock levels, manage food pricing and enable electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently.

ImPOS will monitor the venue’s actual sales through its point of sale system and Cooking the Books will track stock levels from the kitchen.

This will enable business owners and managers to understand the theoretical cost of goods versus actual costs, hence providing a more accurate record of the running cost of goods. In the long run it will help them make better financial decisions are stock management.

The partnership will also help business owners and kitchen managers identify potential cost efficiencies, meet their monthly stock targets and ensure all stock coming in and going out of the business is accounted for.

CEO at Cooking the Books, Andrew Briese, said that the decision to form a partnership ImPOS was a no0brainer given our strong foothold in the industry.

A large number of clients are already using ImPOS as their point of sale provider, so by working with ImPOS customers can integrate their point of sale data with stock management, helping them to reach food cost targets and make better decisions around future stock requirements.

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