Impos’ new partnership with Deputy

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.22.00 am

Impos has a new partnership with cloud-based work scheduling platform Deputy.

Used by businesses across all industries, Deputy is simple to setup and integrates beautifully with leading business software, transforming the way businesses operate, saving them time and optimising resources.

The partnership will give ImPOS’ clients access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools.

Integrating with Deputy means ImPOS clients will be able to optimise staffing and manage wage costs more efficiently, and will help business owners and managers develop long term planning strategies around roster management.

Business owners and venue managers have the ability to schedule employees based on sales forecasts; to optimise staffing, minimise wage costs and maximise efficiency benefits through better staff management and communication.

Deputy takes the complications out of staff rostering, time and attendance management, and employee communication. Business owners and managers are able to communicate with employees through the cloud via the Deputy app on their smartphone, iPad or AppleWatch. They can also automatically assess employee pay based on the appropriate rates and hours logged via ImPOS. Employees will also benefit from the tasking feature, which will help them understand what their manager expects them to do each shift to stay on top of priorities.

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