Yellowfin and Impos partnership successfully delivers analytics for the hospitality industry

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.52.39 pm

Impos’ integration and partnership with global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor, Yellowfin has proven a great success.

The partnership has seen ImPOS integrate Yellowfin’s easy-to-use BI platform into its POS system. The joint offering has delivered reporting and analytics capabilities on transaction data for ImPOS’ current and future clients in the hospitality industry.

Partnering with Yellowfin has assisted ImPOS clients to monitor and assess their up-to-the-minute POS data, and helped them to improve sales strategies, ordering and supply chain processes.

Joining forces with Yellowfin allows us to provide the very best user experience for our clients by delivering best-of-breed POS and best-of-breed BI with no compromises.

Tracking and analysing business performance is incredibly important in the hospitality industry, and we are pleased that we can help our clients do this by providing access to such a powerful and user-friendly analytics tool. Now our clients have the ability to build just about any report they need to their liking, quickly and easily.

The partnership has also enabled ImPOS to provide feature-rich and intuitive BI software to our clients while simultaneously allowing the development team to concentrate on the core POS application.

At ImPOS, we pride ourselves on being innovators in our industry and, like-wise, Yellowfin is also innovating the Business Intelligence industry. We saw them as a natural partner, being an Australian-based company taking a fresh approach.

The partnership has allowed ImPOS to provide fantastic add-ons to our clients without diverting valuable development time from our core offering. It’s been a win-win situation for both our clients and for us.

It’s been a win-win situation for Yellowfin and ImPOS too, as the partnership has allowed Yellowfin to develop a deeper understanding of the analytical needs of the hospitality industry throughout Australia, and expand their foothold within the space.

One ImPOS client, Mordeo Bistro & Bar, uses Yellowfin to create customisable advanced reports to suit very specific business needs. It helps the restaurant to integrate their point of sale data with the rostering system to compare historical data and make accurate rostering and budgeting plans for seasonal changes and public holidays.

ImPOS’ current and existing clients use Yellowfin’s reporting and analytics capabilities to make better operation and strategic decisions. Assessing operations data enables ImPOS clients to develop such things as more effective stock ordering, rostering and budgeting plans to improve margins and customer service. Analysing data such as year-on-year sales and revenue allows our clients to accurately forecast trends and develop better long-term sales strategies.

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